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Why LED Display Modules Power To Ground, You Know?
Sep 29, 2017

Why LED Display Modules power to ground? This is related to the operating mode of the switching power supply. The LED Display Modules switching power supply is a kind of AC (DC) DC power supply (DC) 5V DC power supply through a series of means such as filter-rectifier-pulse modulation-output rectification-filtering Stable output of a device.
In order to ensure the stability of power AC / DC conversion, the power supply manufacturers in accordance with the national mandatory standards in the AC220V input circuit design, from the line of fire to the ground across an EMI filter circuit. To ensure the stability of the AC220V input, so all the power supply in the work there will be filtering leakage, a single power leakage current of about 3.5mA. The leakage voltage is about 110V. If the LED Display Modules power is not connected to what will happen, the following joint knot for everyone analysis and analysis.
First, LED Display Modules is not grounded, leakage current may not only cause damage to the chip or lamp burned. If you use more than 20 power supply, the cumulative leakage current of 70mA or more, enough to cause damage to the leakage protector, cut off the power supply. This is why the LED Display Modules can not use the leakage protector reasons.
 Second, if not missed and LED Display Modules is not grounded, the power superimposed leakage current will exceed the human body safety current, 110V voltage enough to cause death. And ground, the power supply shell voltage close to the human body 0, indicating that there is no power between the power and the difference between the leakage current into the earth.
Summary: LED Display Modules is the main component of the LED and driver chip, belonging to the collection of microelectronics products, LED operating voltage of about 5V, the general working current of 20 mA below. The operating characteristics of the LED Display Modules determine its resistance to static electricity and abnormal voltage or current shock resistance is very fragile. We in the production and use of the process to be aware of this and give enough attention to take measures to protect the LED Display Modules, and power ground LED Display Modules is the most commonly used a protection method. For product safety, the LED Display Modules must be grounded.
LED Display Modules in daily life and the use of commercial activities has been very wide, everywhere can see the LED Display Modules figure. People in the purchase of LED Display Modules, the first need to display a manufacturer to provide a LED Display Modules quotation for the choice of suppliers for reference. Then LED Display Modules how to quote, you know?
1, the screen screen cost: the amount of money per square meter is generally calculated, that is common LED Display Modules offer xxx yuan / m2, which display models, the use of different materials, there will be a difference between the offer. Screen quotes include a full set of full-color LED Display Modules required: die, module circuit board, IC driver chip, module power supply, steel box and plastic mask and display all internal cable, cable, etc. Wait. Generally tax-inclusive offer, this may be different, the specific consultation time need to ask clear.
2, the control system costs: the LED Display Modules to send cards and receive card costs, a display usually only 1 send card, installed in the computer host inside, the number of cards received N. The use of the control card is mainly based on the size of the display to determine the number. In general, the larger the area, the higher the density of the LED Display Modules, the number of receiving cards used more.
3, control the computer: control LED Display Modules of the necessary equipment, the need for configuration requirements or higher: dual-core CPU, 2G memory, 512M or more discrete graphics, motherboards have PCI slot.
4, audio + amplifier: let LED Display Modules synchronization video playback sound equipment, generally equipped with a amplifier, 2 audio.
5, power distribution cabinet: a small area of LED Display Modules can not; recommended maximum power consumption in the 10KW power above the display is equipped with the display device for each device to run stable supply voltage supply current, effectively prevent the LED Display Modules power supply switch Jump box and other failures.
6, air conditioning: cooling equipment, outdoor LED Display Modules 20 square meters or more must be configured by the manufacturers air conditioning to ensure the normal operation of the screen and extend the display device life. General indoor LED Display Modules or small area display can not; large area indoor LED Display Modules is strongly recommended with wall-mounted air conditioning, effective cooling, to ensure that the LED Display Modules at high temperature normal travel, reduce the failure rate.