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Why LED Display Modules Is More Energy Efficient
Sep 15, 2017

Why LED Display Modules is more energy efficient
Energy-saving voice is getting higher and higher, so a number of pioneers of the energy-saving products were explored and launched in a few years the total energy-saving products. During this period, LED Display Modules did not show weakness, through the new technology, the continuous use of new materials to LED Display Modules bid farewell to the widely used in the cooling of the air conditioning and built-in fan, more energy-efficient way to heat treatment. Here to understand why LED Display Modules can be more energy efficient.
 First, the use of energy-saving IC hardware
Now because LED Display Modules manufacturers in the production of LED Display Modules when using a dedicated energy-saving IC, in the use of LED Display Modules can be selected according to different environments different brightness, at night to use to automatically adjust the brightness and reduce the downward Power consumption, so compared with the traditional display can reduce the energy consumption of 50-70%, so it has a very good energy saving effect.
Second, the cooling method more energy efficient
As the LED Display Modules manufacturers have advanced research and development technical team, in the process of painstaking research to find a more appropriate way to heat. Therefore, the production of LED Display Modules not only the use of the most advanced cooling device, but also through convection, heat conduction and other ways to cooperate to ensure that the best cooling effect can be achieved.
Third, LED conversion rate is higher
As the traditional full-color LED Display Modules using 5V power supply to the LED dot matrix module power supply, remove the necessary forward voltage value, the remaining voltage will cause useless power consumption and converted into heat. But now LED Display Modules to energy-saving pixels to drive the circuit, which can make the LED conversion rate is higher, so the same brightness display conditions, more energy than the traditional circuit.
Above is why LED Display Modules will be more energy efficient reasons. At present, energy saving is a topic called by the world, so LED Display Modules manufacturers in this regard is also spared no effort, not only decisive to improve and improve the traditional products, but also through the formation of professional R & D team to conduct energy-saving research, thus Make sure LED Display Modules are more energy efficient when used.
The development of the network has led to the emergence of new products in many industries. The advertising mode is no exception. From the traditional posters and single pages to the electronic network model, LED Display Modules came into being in this market environment. In a variety of places are often visible in the form of diversified LED Display Modules to show consumers a variety of advertising content, although the advertising machine application is both wide and easy, but put into use when the need to pay attention to some details.
 First, use the environment.
In the place where the LED Display Modules terminal equipment is placed, remember not to choose the location that can be exposed to the sun. One is because the sun is too strong, will make the screen is not sufficient display, it will lead to consumer perception is not strong. On the other hand, after prolonged exposure to sunlight, the electronic components in the LED screen are adversely affected. In addition, it should also be noted that the ambient humidity to be controlled at a certain degree of about 25 degrees, LED Display Modules too dry easily produce static electricity, but the humidity is too large and easy to make the equipment in the electrical components of moisture, causing short circuit phenomenon caused by burning equipment terminal.
Second, to regular maintenance.
Advertising machines and all electronic equipment, with the use of time will appear static, LED Display Modules is no exception. And when the static electricity generated, the air floating in the dust particles will be adsorbed in the advertising terminal equipment on the display screen, LED Display Modules if not timely clean up the dust on the screen and eliminate static electricity will have a normal impact on the equipment.
Third, do not switch the machine frequently.
Each professional LED Display Modules has its own life, although the current pulse in the switch machine will cause a slight impact on the device, but the impact is very weak, but if it is frequent on the device switch operation will cause damage to electronic components , Thus affecting the LED Display Modules display and equipment life.