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Two Kinds Of LED Packages
Mar 01, 2017

The LED(light emitting diode) as main components for LED display, there are mainly two kinds of packages, namely DIP(Direct Insert Package, or Dual Inline Package ) and SMD(Surface Mounted Devices). Generally speaking, DIP LED mainly used in outdoor LED display screen, while SMD LED is applied to indoor LED screen. In addition, what is the other difference they have?

DIP LED using potting form for packaging. Potting process is, injecting liquid epoxy resin in LED molding cavity at first, and then inserting the pressure LED brackets, welding parts, putting them into the oven for epoxy resin after curing, in order to make the LED molded from the mold cavity.  Due to the simple fabrication process, low cost, it has a higher market share. In large volume, it can be used to artificial insert or automatic machine operation. Since its high brightness, easy to waterproof processing, so it is used as the general light source for outdoor LED display screen.

SMD LED also named SMT(surface mounted technology),through the SMT technology encapsulating diode, attaching lamps on the surface of PCB board, instead of plugging the lamp feet through the PCB board. It is suitable for SMT processing, which can be reflowed, and thus solving the issues such as brightness, angle of view, flatness, consistency, and reliability. The lighter PCB plate and a reflecting layer material, improvement of removing heavier carbon steel pin of DIP LED. The display epoxy resin is less reflective layer to fill, to reduce the size and reduce weight. Thus, surface mount LED can easily integrate product weight by half, eventually make the application more perfect.

SMT LED source is mainly used for indoor LED screen. However, with technological breakthroughs, brightness of SMD LED has been greatly improved, waterproof processing can also be well resolved, therefore, SMD LED is more and more applied to the outdoor LED display screen.