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Tidbits Full-color LED Display
Jul 29, 2016

1, display Category

LED display by use of the environment is divided into indoor LED display, semi-outdoor LED display, outdoor LED display

Indoor screen area is generally from less than 1 square meter to more than ten square meters, higher dot density in the non-direct sunlight or lighting environment, the viewing distance in a few meters outside the screen body do not have the seal waterproof.

Semi-outdoor screen between both outdoor and indoor, with high brightness, can be used in non-direct sunlight outdoor screen body has a certain seal, usually under the eaves or in the window.

2, synchronous and asynchronous control card control card

Synchronization mode refers to the LED display works substantially same as the computer monitor, which update rate of at least 30 fields / second corresponding bit real-time image on a computer monitor mapping, usually having a multi-gradation color display capabilities, You can achieve the effect of multimedia advertising.

Asynchronous refers to the LED screen with storage and the ability to auto-play, edited on a PC text and grayscale image without LED screen interfaces passed through the serial port or other network, and then by the LED screen offline play automatically, generally no more ash degree display capabilities, mainly used to display text information, you can multi-screen networking.