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The Difference Between Rental Installation And Fixed Installation
Sep 25, 2017

Recently due to the market on the LED display screencase light, thin, easy to deformation, fast installation and so on. In the stage, wedding, large-scale activities and other places have been widely used. What is the difference between a conventional mounting LED display?


The following LED rental display and the difference between the traditional display contrast:


1. The product model is different


As the stage rental screen on the screen effect requirements more clearly. So the general indoor environment using P3 P4 models of high-definition screen, or even more stringent will use a small pitch P2.5 P2, etc., outdoor use P6 P5 models. As for the traditional indoor and outdoor display, because the viewing distance or display requirements are not high, the indoor general use P6 P5 models, outdoor use is the most P10. And indoor are surface paste, the outdoor usually use the lights, but sometimes also use the surface paste products, the current profit to the rental market, has launched LED rental box series of products, models are fine series P3.91 and P4.81.


2.LED box difference


General conventional outdoor LED display, are waterproof box, the structure is relatively heavy. The indoor is also used in the simple box; for the LED rental display, the current are usually used die-casting aluminum box production, light structure, high stability, more convenient to install at any time disassembly, for concerts, stage performances.


3. Installation is different


Leasing LED display to be frequently moved, repeated disassembly and installation, so the higher requirements of the product, in the product shape design, structural design, material selection are stress, such as a concert is over, you can disassemble and transport to another Stage place. The traditional LED indoor and outdoor display, very limited, fixed location, the same size screen, can not meet the diverse needs of customers now, usually fixed installation position, it will not easily move.


The above is the LED display manufacturers profit to draw LED display display and conventional LED display screen contrast, more access to the profit to the official website.