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Take Advantage Of The Case Highlights In August To Experience The Visual Feast Of The LED Display!
Sep 01, 2017


    Guangdong in August, is still hot sun, sun like fire, how can not reduce its enthusiasm. Similarly, in this fiery atmosphere, HELILAI to the same enthusiasm in full swing throughout the country left our classic engineering case, then follow us to enjoy the recent benefit of the brand to the LED display visual feast Case!


  Indoor small pitch full color series

    HELILAI LED small distance display is covering the market of government departments, military security, radio and television studio, school, 4S shop and other fields in which we have set a number of benchmarking cases, to the industry users show a complete seamless patchwork solution, For the customer to bring the ultimate visual enjoyment.


    Shenzhen Yantian China Railway Building (China Railway Construction) P1.904 full color 16 square debugging completed!



     Dongfeng Fengshen 4S shop Nantong Jin Da, indoor P2 full color 18 square debugging completed!


     Guang'an three park hotel P4 cylindrical screen + stage screen installation and commissioning completed!


  Outdoor table paste classic series

    2017, HELILAI to outdoor LED display continues to sweep the country, with the quality of excellence and magnificent display once again to give customers a super shock experience.


     Guangzhou South Station outdoor P8 full-color single-sided 330 square installation, look forward to power debugging quality show!


     Inner Mongolia outdoor surface paste P8 50 square debugging completed!

  Since 2010, HELILAI brand industry leader in the lead, the most cost-effective indoor / outdoor LED full-color business across the world, won the customers and LED suppliers and peer industry's good reputation. In the days after, HELILAI will continue to force, and strive to create a more stable and the ultimate visual experience for the world to bring the colorful world of colorful!