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Solve The LED Display Blacf The Five Elements
Jul 29, 2016

1. Make sure that all hardware, including its control have all the right power. (Note: + 5V, do not reversed, then the wrong)

2. Check and confirm repeatedly used to connect the controller serial cable is loose or off phenomenon. (LED display manufacturers Recommendation: If black during loading, it is possible that the reason that in the communication process because communication lines break loose, and therefore do not think that the black screen display body did not move, line. it is impossible to loose, hands-check, which you want to solve problems quickly is important.)

3. Check to make sure the connection LED display and HUB distribution plate and connected to the main control card whether the tight junctions, if inserted backwards.

4, check to make sure the 50-pin cable connector spiritual communication control card and HUB distribution between the plates are loose or inserted upside phenomenon.

5, if you display the interface definition and HUB board provided does not match the blank screen will appear, please re-check your jumper is loose, open or short circuit. If you think that you have eleven other signals corresponding to the ABCD, please check again OE signal is connected correctly. (LED display manufacturer is strongly recommended that you use the display interface definition to match the HUB distribution panel)