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SMD Indoor Full Color LED Display Modules How To Restore Color
Sep 06, 2017

SMD Indoor Full Color LED Display Modules How to restore color
    Pure blue, pure green LED was born, so full color SMD Indoor Full Color LED Display Modules with its wide range of color gamut, high brightness sought after by the industry. However, due to the red, green and blue LED color coordinates and PAL TV red, green and blue color coordinates have a greater deviation (see Table 1), making the full color of the LED color reproduction is poor. Especially in the performance of human skin color, the visual there is a more obvious deviation. As a result, color reproduction technology came into being. In this I recommend two ways to restore the color:
        First: the red, green and blue three-color LED color coordinate space transformation, so that LED and PAL TV between the three primary colors as close as possible, thus greatly improving the SMD Indoor Full Color LED Display Modules color reproduction. However, this method significantly reduces the color gamut range of the SMD Indoor Full Color LED Display Modules, resulting in a significant reduction in color saturation.
        Second: only the most sensitive to the human eye color gamut to be properly corrected; and other human eye is not sensitive to the color gamut as little as possible to reduce the original color saturation. This can be balanced between color reproduction and color saturation.
  SMD Indoor Full Color LED Display Modules in all walks of life has a very wide range of applications, and in different applications on the LED primary color wavelength has different requirements for the choice of LED primary wavelengths are some in order to achieve good visual effects, some In order to meet people's habits, and some are more industry standards, national standards and even international standards. For example, the full color SMD Indoor Full Color LED Display Modules in the green tube primary color wavelength selection; early we generally use the wavelength of 570nm yellow-green LED, although
        Low cost, but SMD Indoor Full Color LED Display Modules of the smaller color gamut, poor color reproduction, low brightness. And in the choice of the wavelength of 525nm pure green tube, the display color gamut expanded nearly doubled, and a significant increase in color reproduction, greatly improving the visual effects of the display. For example, the stock market display, people are often used to express the red stock price, with green that stock price fell, while the yellow plate that plate. And in the transportation industry is strictly set by the national standard blue-green band that pass, the red band for the ban. Thus, the choice of primary color wavelength is one of the important aspects of SMD Indoor Full Color LED Display Modules.
  In recent years, the market has been widely used in banking, post and telecommunications, tax, airports, railway stations, securities markets and other trading markets, hospitals, electricity, customs, stadiums and other needs to be announced , Publicity occasions.
    At present, SMD Indoor Full Color LED Display Modules, as an important means of information dissemination, has become a symbol of urban information modernization. With the continuous improvement of social economy and LED display technology continues to improve, people on the SMD Indoor Full Color LED Display Modules will be more and more in-depth understanding of its application areas will be more and more widely.
    LED is Light Emitting Diode. SMD Indoor Full Color LED Display Modules is a display device consisting of light emitting diodes. It uses low voltage sweep drive, has the following advantages:
    1, the power consumption, 2, long life, 3, low cost, 4, high brightness, 5, viewing angle, 6, visual distance, 7, specifications and more varieties.
 Small distance SMD Indoor Full Color LED Display Modules To achieve the best display, the small running mainly uses black light. The reason is that the higher the picture fidelity, the better the performance of the screen, and the fidelity of the main by the contrast and color to decide. Contrast refers to the measurement of different brightness levels between the brightest and darkest blacks in a dark and dark area of the image. The larger the difference is, the larger the contrast is. The smaller the difference is, the smaller the contrast is, the higher the contrast is easier Display vivid, rich colors, can support the color of the order. The use of black crystal device lamp beads can increase the contrast by 40%. A screen made with a black light can show a uniform, vibrant and darker image.