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Small Pitch LED Display Features And Benefits
Nov 22, 2016

With the continued sharp decline in the cost price of the display and continuous improvement, led a small spacing display industry show explosive growth, and has begun to significantly short supply in previous years, a quarter of all sales season, the first quarter of this year that is very strong industry demand, small spacing LED replacement DLP splicing screen and other markets in full swing (currently only replace about 20%), one hundred billion civilian market is just beginning, a small pitch led industry trend has been repeatedly confirmed the industry and capital markets, we expect a small pitch LED industry over the next three compound annual growth rate is expected to exceed 60%.

Product advantages

1, in the same area, compared to the normal display pixel is more intensive, ultra-clear picture

2, visual distance can be closer

3, the module more sophisticated, higher technological content

4, light angle, wide viewing angle, ultra-high refresh rate

5, the same small pixel pitch, the more energy saving

6, small pitch high fault tolerance, the occurrence of small dead lights, the picture has little impact