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Shaped LED Display Industry Trends And Characteristics Of Several Types
Nov 22, 2016

LED shaped screen is based on the transformation of the traditional display on a specially shaped screen body. It is a non-curable can not be copied, and to every order for the purpose of display. Compared to conventional LED display, its greatest feature is the ability to better adapt to the overall structure of the building and the environment, and the screen size and body size can be customized as required. LED screen has shaped structure form fan-shaped, curved, spherical, cylindrical, triangular, cube and cone like.

Shaped screen, as a relatively new form of show, has its own unique charm show, there will be more and more people recognize its superiority in terms of display. Coupled with product diversification to meet the individual needs of customers, it has been recognized by more and more users of shaped screen, which is LED shaped screen to enter the mass market, a factor that can not be missing.

For LED enterprises do not have to be shaped screen product exhaustive, all-everything, but they must form their own unique style and character, in order to enhance their creativity.