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Rental LED Display Presentation Material
Jul 29, 2016

1. Rental led display screen body generally includes a housing, modules, power supplies, and other connecting wire

2. Computer: general fixed installation with desktop computers, notebooks and external leasing commonly used in conjunction with sending cards;

3.led controller system: general screen is not too big to send only one card, reception card is based on the length and height of the screen to the actual accounting, we will give an appropriate quantity to ensure the effectiveness and cost display

4. Distribution Cabinet: Do not be cheap in order to configure their own hardware store, so very professional, will do well once the screen of life and normal use of great impact, we recommend that customers find a professional manufacturers to buy, or the our purchasing.

5. Video Processor: Usually small screen fixed installation if the information is not updated very often, can not live without, if a large screen, or do you live to be purchased;

6. The multi-function card: provides temperature, humidity, brightness and other parameters collection, enabling automatic brightness adjustment and other functions. Customers are advised to configure;

7. The amplifier and sound: purchased according to the installation environment, the indoor water needs, customers can buy their own, but also provide us;

8. Main connecting wire: mainly electrical power to take power at the distribution cabinet, distribution cabinet cable to the screen body, there is the control of the computer to the home screen of the main communication cable, these are generally prepared by the customer. By wire between our other Screen provides;