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P6 Outdoor Full Color SMD Why Popular
Jul 29, 2016

1, from the image display, the plug-in because it is a machine or manual insertion, there will certainly have the chance to produce results rugged lamp beads, as well as individual lamp beads of slightly inclined. Will eventually result in display blurred, there is a small range of the video. The paste will not have that happen.

2, no plug-angle viewing of large surface-mount, surface mount can achieve maximum 140 ° view

3, lamp beads plug-in technology compared to surface-mount technology higher brightness, unless it is a very special place, where the general surface-mount capable.

4, plug the price is cheaper, but slower productivity, finished a pass rate! Surface-mount component prices slightly higher, but the high productivity and qualification of finished products is high.

5, surface mount technology more energy-efficient, stable