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LED Rental Display Screen Using Seven Common Sense, You Made It?
Aug 24, 2017

LED Rental Display Screen using seven common sense, you made it?
With the continuous development of economy and society, LED Rental Display Screen applications more and more widely, whether you walk in the streets, or in the lively city square, high-end entertainment can see the LED Rental Display Screen of the shadow The
 LED Rental Display Screen widely used today, LED Rental Display Screen using the seven common sense, you made it? Xiaobian and everyone here to talk about how to correctly use the LED Rental Display Screen it
      First, LED Rental Display Screen line, switch check, keep the switch dry, to avoid leakage, electric shock.
      Second, the use of air-conditioning on the LED Rental Display Screen for dehumidification, place the desiccant and physical moisture absorption method to keep dry, to prevent the display damp.
      Third, the rainy season, LED screen display to ensure that at least one week more than once, each time at least 2 hours or more.
       Fourth, LED Rental Display Screen moderate ventilation, can be attached to the display on the rapid evaporation of water vapor, reducing the indoor environment humidity. But need to pay attention to is: to avoid in some windless and humid weather ventilation, this will increase the indoor humidity.
       5, outdoor LED Rental Display Screen environment is complex, it will inevitably have the phenomenon of water seepage box. In addition to the above measures to deal with, usually need to regularly check the box of waterproof aprons are aging, deformation, incomplete; sealed box screws or locks are easy to loose and the pressure is not enough.
       6, rental indoor LED Rental Display Screen in the outdoor use, encountered rain must be immediately power, no emergency demolition screen, then use the prepared rain cloth quickly cover, to be sunny out of the box to dry out. If you encounter continuous rain, it is necessary to open the box back cover, with the fan open cold dry. And then dry in a ventilated and dry room for more than 8 hours. Reduce the brightness of the display and ensure that the screen screen for more than 4 hours, the electronic components in the full distribution of moisture.
       7, if the LED Rental Display Screen is not used for a long time, should always power maintenance debugging, whether it is indoor LED Rental Display Screen or outdoor LED Rental Display Screen, long time do not use, and then may be enabled when the dead lights and blind spots. So often power on the screen body debugging is necessary.
       Master the above seven common sense, so that LED Rental Display Screen to play its maximum performance for enterprises to create a broader space for development!
LED Rental Display Screen screen inside the various components of the fixed inspection. If you find damage to other parts of the problem should be replaced in time, especially the steel frame structure of the various small parts; in the weather and other natural disasters, such as the need to early warning of the various components of the screen to the stability and safety of the inspection , If any problems, timely processing, in order to avoid unnecessary losses; regularly on the LED Rental Display Screen and steel surface welding surface coating maintenance, to prevent corrosion rust and fall off; LED Rental Display Screen needs regular maintenance, one year Requires at least two maintenance.
LED Rental Display Screen in the maintenance process, and sometimes need to clean the LED lights. Cleaning LED lights, with a soft brush gently scrub LED tube outside the accumulation of dust, if it is waterproof box, you can also dipped in water to wash, according to the use of LED Rental Display Screen environment, we need to regularly Cleaning maintenance, to ensure the stable operation of the entire screen body.
LED Rental Display Screen lightning protection facilities should always check. Regularly check the lightning rod and the ground line; in the event of thunder after the test should be on the tube, if the failure must be replaced;
Any product has a life cycle, LED Rental Display Screen is no exception. The life of a product is not only related to its own raw material quality, production process, but also and people's daily maintenance is closely related. To extend the life of the LED Rental Display Screen, we use the process, we must develop the LED Rental Display Screen for the maintenance of the habit, and this habit in-depth bone marrow, strictly follow.