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LED Full Color Display Application And Selection
Jul 29, 2016

In the full-color LED display, LED lamp is the most crucial kind of material, it a problem, no matter how useless other accessories, so choose a good LED lamp manufacturers and users have become very concerned about the matter, but many people do not know how to distinguish the merits of lamp beads, general manufacturers have technical staff with professional equipment and tools for experiments and testing, as a user how to detect it? There are two ways to detect, first detected by the LED display control software, the display will be the three primary colors and white balance visually, to see whether the video, color have color, if there is no bright spots, dark spots, highlight point, scan line test whether smear (leakage) and often highlights, and then play the video test viewing angle, general indoor full color LED display can be both horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 120 degrees, outdoor full color LED display can be horizontal viewing angle 100 degrees, 50 degrees vertical, if the viewing angle may be too low, compared with substandard products; Second, if the user does not know how to check, insert the module to get other manufacturers, please peer technology to help detect, confirm whether to buy poor quality product. In selecting LED lamp beads, try to choose designer LED lamp wick select the user more or chip listed companies. LED package is also very important, LED package of LED life and color, brightness has a significant impact. Packaging manufacturers also crucial choice, the best choice for packaging manufacturers more famous.