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LED Display Screens System Four Major Components
Sep 06, 2017

LED Display Screens system four major components
   LED Display Screens system consists of computer-specific equipment, display screen, video input port and system software and other components.
    1, computer and special equipment: computer and special equipment directly determines the function of the system, according to the user's different requirements of the system to choose a different type.
    2, the display screen: LED Display Screens control circuit to receive the display signal from the computer, driving LED light to produce the screen, and by increasing the amplifier, speaker output sound.
    3, the video input port: to provide video input port, the signal source can be a video recorder, DVD player, camera, support NTSC, PAL, S_Video and other formats.
    4, the system software: to provide LED playback dedicated software, powerpoint or ES98 video playback software.
Small spacing LED Display Screens for the best display, small running mainly use black light. The reason is that the higher the picture fidelity, the better the performance of the screen, and the fidelity of the main by the contrast and color to decide. Contrast refers to the measurement of different brightness levels between the brightest and darkest blacks in a dark and dark area of the image. The larger the difference is, the larger the contrast is. The smaller the difference is, the smaller the contrast is, the higher the contrast is easier Display vivid, rich colors, can support the color of the order. The use of black crystal device lamp beads can increase the contrast by 40%. A screen made with a black light can show a uniform, vibrant and darker image.
Black light in addition to bring high contrast, but also bring another more high-quality performance, that is not reflective. Because the black LED lamp beads in the PPA bracket is black, because the black is not reflected light, that is, no reflective ability, so the light on the black object is converted into other energy, so even when there is a light when the black PPA stent will be all of its absorption, no longer reflected in the stray light, thereby reducing the interference of the stray light, so that the color is more real, there will not be chunk, smear and each color interference with each other, so that the color more Pure, clear, fidelity higher.
 In the operation of the control system, we will encounter the phenomenon of full black LED Display Screens. As the same phenomenon may be caused by a variety of different factors, so the LED Display Screens screen blacking process will be due to different operations or because of different environments vary. For example: it may be in a power of the moment is black, it may be in the process of loading black, or black after the completion of the resulting factors such as black, so we have to pass the following three Basic steps to troubleshoot.
    1. Make sure that all hardware, including the control system, is fully powered up.
    2, check and confirm that the serial cable used to connect the controller is loose or off the phenomenon.
    3, check and confirm the connection LED Display Screens and the main control card connected to the HUB distribution board is tightly connected or whether the reverse.
Outdoor LED Display Screens itself in the environment than the indoor complex, of course, moisture can also take indoor screen moisture prevention measures, but the outdoor screen not only to consider the wet problem, but also do waterproof, dust and other routine maintenance work. A good sealed installation can help the display to reduce the risk of water, regularly clean the inside and outside the display attached to the dust, can also help the display better heat, reduce the water vapor attached.
Whether it is indoor or outdoor, to avoid wet damage to the LED Display Screens function of the most effective way is often used, the working state of the display itself will produce some heat, can be some water vapor evaporated, thus greatly reducing the wet caused by short circuit The possibility of. Therefore, the often used display screen, relatively less commonly used display humidity is much less affected.