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LED Display On How To Avoid The Use Of Static Methods
Nov 22, 2016

From the micro to say, according to the theory of atomic physics, electrical power balance in the neutral state when substance, since the electronic contact with the pros and cons of different substances produced by electrons, so that the material loss of power balance, the phenomenon of static electricity.

The reasons are: object between friction and heat, to stimulate electron transfer; contact and separation between objects generate electron transfer; electromagnetic induction caused by uneven distribution of surface charge; friction and the combined effect of electromagnetic induction.

Electrostatic voltage is composed of different types of contacting and separation is generated. This effect is the well-known friction electrification voltage generated depends on the mutual friction of the material itself. Since the LED display in the actual production process, the main body is in direct contact with the relevant components of the indirect contact with static electricity. Therefore, according to the characteristics of the industry we can do some specific precautions need.