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LED Display Modules Anti-static Knowledge, You Know How Much?
Aug 24, 2017

LED Display Modules anti-static knowledge, you know how much?
 In the LED Display Modules product performance parameters, many people are more concerned about the display color, brightness, chip, power, IC and other issues, but few people pay attention to LED Display Modules anti-static performance. Static electricity on the impact of electronic products is very large, and sometimes even fatal, the following Xiaobian and everyone to explore the anti-static aspects of knowledge.
First, the electrostatic source: the impact of the electrostatic source of the main body of the body, plastic products and related equipment, including static environment from the use of the environment, including objects, materials; floor, work tables and chairs; work clothes, packaging containers; paint or wax Plastic, packaging, boxes, bags, plates, foam, and so on; plastic, crates, bags, bags, and so on. Plastic gasket.
Second, electrostatic discharge failure: sudden failure and potential failure. In the use of the environment in the electrostatic failure of more than 90 for the potential failure, the performance of the circuit resistance to stress resistance weakened, shortened life.
Third, transport and packaging: In daily operation, ESD sensitive equipment should always be stored in the anti-static package or container. This includes detailed catalogs of reserves, transportation and WIP. The prevention of transport includes the consumption of the fleet, box or other equipment, such as with a conductive wheel or drag even in the delivery of ESD equipment is grounded; LED Display Modules is currently on the market the most widely used screen display products, because High-end display products, production costs are relatively high, LED Display Modules manufacturers need to carry out anti-static knowledge of staff training, while the relative humidity control in more than 40, LED Display Modules as much as possible to reduce the damage rate in the transport process.
As a full-time LED industry people know that in order to outdoor LED Display Modules with a good, installation and debugging is essential, then the technical construction staff, know how to build a good outdoor, advertising screen technology will be able to better promote the business Advertising, information dissemination, but also as a technical construction staff must be familiar with, in fact, outdoor LED display installation is generally divided into four links: field survey, equipment structures, product installation, product debugging.
For these outdoor LED Display Modules structures, to distinguish between outdoor wall advertising screen and hanging advertising screen. The actual installation of these screens, we should be based on the distance, with the crane and hoist for sub-hoisting, while ensuring the following and the above staff with each other, in order to make high-altitude LED screen has a better installation process. We in the construction process, safety and refinement operation must meet the first requirement.
Of course, as a senior and excellent LED Display Modules construction staff, will only be installed is not enough, usually outdoor LED Display Modules of the main support structure are usually based on steel materials, because in the open air, by the temperature, humidity , Harmful substances and other factors, is extremely easy to be oxidized and cause corrosion, and even serious corrosion can make steel components anti-load capacity greatly reduced, so how to better maintain the outdoor LED Display Modules has become our must homework. So in the end how to better maintain and extend the life of the display?
 Directly under the basis of the underpinning pit pouring concrete, using the billboard base in the lower or both sides of the static pressure column, into the pile, pouring pile and other types of piles to carry out the basic reinforcement method. The chemical slurry evenly into the foundation, through the slurry to the original loose soil or crack gel curing, in order to improve the bearing capacity of the foundation, the role of water and impermeability. Through the provision of concrete enclosures or reinforced concrete enclosures, to increase the outdoor LED Display Modules at the bottom of the base area, change the billboard base area is too small, the bearing capacity of the foundation of the uneven settlement.