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LED Display Description
Mar 10, 2017

full color led module.jpg

LED Display Description

LED Display Screen is a kind of high-tech products including photoelectric technology, micro-electric technology, computer technology and information processing technology as well as display technology. According to the application, it includes indoor LED display, semi-outdoor LED display, and outdoor LED display. According to the primary colors, it contains single color LED display, dual color LED display, and full color LED display. While according to the functions, it has strip LED screen, image-text LED screen, and multimedia LED screen. All the LED displays are designed in modules, and the display part connects well with the control part, with good compatibility among systems. LED display cabinets can be connected with each other arbitrarily, and the installation is very easy. LED screens transmit contents synchronously (or asynchronously) which are controlled by computer. It shares information with internet, and can display video signals, pictures and animation etc. LED Display Screen is more and more popular in nowadays, which is widely used in railway, aviation, stadium, meeting room, highway, commercial plaza, stock market, traffic control center, and hotel etc.