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Led Display Can Be Used In Any Place
Nov 21, 2016

LED electronic display uses more and more, but many people still do not know for what LED display would be more advantageous, to introduce the following purposes led display.

LED electronic display can be divided into indoor and outdoor spaces, used in two semi-outdoor environments.

Outdoor LED display is widely used in large venues, squares, stadiums, government agencies, terminal, terminals, railway stations, the stock market and other market. Electricity, galleries and other needs for publicity, promotion, information dissemination guide places.

Outdoor led display brightness is large and waterproof can reach IP65. Even in direct sunlight can still see the display of the display screen.

Indoor LED display since the light emitting brightness weaker, low brightness can be done. In indoor environments, so waterproof to IP43 can be, the price is relatively cheap, so most indoor LED display used in the stage background, and other publishing activities occasions, requiring a higher pixel.

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