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How To Improve The Resolution Of RGB Color LED Display Modules?
Jun 27, 2017

How to improve the resolution of RGB Color LED Display Modules?

Since the LED has an Angle, the RGB Color LED Display Modules has the same Angle directivity, which means that when viewed from different angles, the brightness is increasing or decreasing. In this way, the Angle uniformity of red, green and blue leds will seriously affect the uniformity of white balance in different angles and directly affect the fidelity of video color. To be red, green, blue three kinds of LED brightness changes when matching consistency in different angles, encapsulated lens design, material selection is needed in the strict scientific design, this depends on the technical level packaging suppliers.

High definition of video can give people a more impressive visual experience, and the content will be more real. There must be two factors to realize the hd display, one is full hd, the other is the display requirement that supports full hd. RGB Color LED Display Modules is also moving to a higher level, so how can we improve the clarity of RGB Color LED Display Modules?

First of all, to improve the contrast of RGB Color LED Display Modules contrast is one of the key factors affecting the visual effects, generally the higher the contrast, the clearer image striking, strong color more gorgeous. High contrast is helpful in the clarity, detail and grayscale of images. Some of the black and white contrast text, video display, high contrast RGB Color LED Display Modules has advantages in black and white contrast, clarity, integrity and so on. Contrast is more important to the dynamic video display effect. Because of the fast and dark conversion of the dynamic images, the more the contrast is, the easier the person's eyes will be to distinguish the transformation process.

In fact, the RGB color contrast enhance LED display module mainly is to improve the brightness of the RGB Color LED Display Modules, and reduce the screen surface reflectivity, however, the higher the brightness is not better, is too high, but counterproductive, light pollution has become a hot topic now, high brightness will impact on the environment and people. The RGB Color LED Display Modules LED panel and LED luminescent tube are specially processed to reduce the reflectivity of LED panels, and also improve the contrast of the RGB Color LED Display Modules.

Second, improve the grey scale RGB Color LED Display Modules Grey scale refers to the RGB Color LED Display Moduless from the darkest to the brightest in the single color brightness can distinguish between the brightness of the series, RGB Color LED Display Modules of gray level is higher, the color is rich, colour is gorgeous; Conversely, the display color is single, change is simple. The improvement of gray level can greatly enhance the color depth, so that the display level of image color increases geometrically. With the development of hardware technology, LED grey level will continuously develop to higher control precision.

Finally, reducing the point spacing of the RGB Color LED Display Modules can improve its sharpness. The smaller the point spacing of the RGB Color LED Display Modules, the more exquisite the picture shows. This, however, must have a mature technology as the core support, its cost is opposite bigger, to produce the RGB Color LED Display Moduless, the price also is on the high side, but fortunately, now the market is toward the small spacing LED display development, xiang in photoelectric products, independent research and development of the small spacing will LED display resolution to a new situation.