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High-quality LED Display Screens Three Indicators, You Know?
Aug 24, 2017

High-quality LED Display Screens three indicators, you know?
       LED Display Screens after several years of development, not only the technology has been very mature, and the application of the market is very extensive. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, LED Display Screens applications can be seen everywhere, increasingly become the darling of the market.
 In the LED Display Screens market, many brands, on the Chinese market there are thousands of LED Display Screens manufacturers. In so many LED Display Screens manufacturers, users in the purchase, can not help but a little confused, do not know which election, especially those who have the choice of syndrome customers. Customers do not understand the LED Display Screens, in the purchase, often from simple parameters and price factors to judge. But it is difficult to buy high-quality LED Display Screens, the following Xiaobian to share how to buy high-quality LED Display Screens a few skills.
  First, LED imaging performance: the impact of the overall performance of the first key is a single LED. This is the basic unit that makes up the entire image, so the consistency, stability, and reliability of each LED are critical to imaging performance and service life. The size of the LED also affects the pixel pitch, which is the resolution and image quality determinants. The efficiency of the LED will affect the total power consumption, which will affect the operating costs and installation of thermal management. LED in the production process of brightness and quality will change, and classification. Manufacturers will usually choose to use the LED, higher quality brands will usually choose high-quality LED components, which is to create high-quality LED Display Screens the basis.
       Second, the drive circuit: The second key factor is that the LED driver circuit, which will affect the overall LED Display Screens reliability, power and image fidelity. There are many ways to drive, there are ways to be better than any other way. Again, LED Display Screens manufacturers can use external suppliers or internal R & D and other means, which will make the LED Display Screens performance differences. Good circuit design, but also screening high-quality LED Display Screens one of the important indicators.
       Third, the mechanical design: mechanical design and positioning and installation depth-related, which for multi-unit stitching seamless imaging is essential. The human eye is very sensitive to the uneven gap between the units, so it is important to keep the joints fully aligned and flush. If the unit module is too close, the human eye will feel the light or white line, and if the distance is too far, they will see the black or black line. For service reasons, the maintenance of a single module is increasingly popular, which LED design of the mechanical design also made more demands to ensure that the precise docking while providing pre-maintenance performance.
       Summary: a high-quality LED Display Screens, including from design, material selection to production and many other links, each link affects the overall performance of the product, the so-called details of the success or failure, not the slightest negligence. Everyone in the purchase of LED Display Screens, in accordance with the above three indicators to test, you can buy the heart of the high quality products.
 Color features include the associated color temperature, color contrast index, chromaticity coordinates, chromaticity forgiveness, the main wavelength (color), the main color of the color, Monochrome), uneven color distribution uniformity and color space; day features mainly include switching frequency test, day / speed up the number of experiments, cavity repair rate (luminous retention rate) / strength repair rate.
Full-color LED Display Screens optoelectronic function detection method: reflective cup type MR16 or PAR beam point of view, light intensity can be passed through a small bedroom to measure the photometric measure to measure, when the test, mechanical axis, axial line, the defect is the test posture abnormal operation Condition, the need to revise the test results; LED light through the light can also be used to measure the distribution of light measuring device, when the test gamma scale to 180 degrees, and the mechanical axis of the middle of the middle of the same lamp. The defect is that the exam is too long.
      Full color LED Display Screens Photoelectric color function The main parameters include: the total power of the lamp, power factor, light intensity distribution, the total output luminous flux, output light efficiency, lumen retention rate / luminous flux retention rate, color temperature, color rendering, color tolerance , Color coordinates, color space unevenness and so on. In the correct test approach under the premise of the selection of appropriate testing methods to complete the full color LED Display Screens accurate measurement of photoelectric color function parameters for the scientific evaluation of full-color LED Display Screens function of the status quo and trend of supply data support.