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HELILAI Small Spacing LED Display
Sep 02, 2017

   Small spacing LED display is a complete set of systems, including LED display system, high-definition display control system and cooling systems. Small pitch LED display using pixel-level point control technology to achieve the display pixel unit brightness, color reduction and uniformity of the state control. In the production process of the display all the use of automatic reflow soldering process, no manual after welding. 

  HELILAI small spacing LED display products





   Small spacing LED display advantages

    Indoor high-density small-pitch LED display The biggest competitive edge is that the display is completely seamless and show the natural color of the real. At the same time, in the latter part of the maintenance, LED display already has a mature point by point calibration technology, the use of more than a year or two of the display screen can use the instrument for a one-time calibration, the operation process is simple, the effect is also very good. Therefore, from the display quality aspects of the two evaluation, it must be high-density small-pitch LED display is better than the DLP rear projection.

  Small spacing LED display features

    As the name suggests small spacing LED is characterized by small dot pitch, the resolution of the area per unit high. It can display higher-definition graphics and video, can also display more video and images, especially in the use of image stitching, can be done seamlessly and any large area of stitching.