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HELILAI Celebrate National Day, Welcome To The Mid-Autumn Festival Double Festival Party And The Ninth Team Show
Oct 10, 2017

     Unlike in previous years, this year's National Day Mid-Autumn festival double festival "happy reunion". "Celebrating National Day and the Mid-Autumn festival" to promote the working spirit of solidarity and hard work, fully reflect the "people-oriented" enterprise, release the work suppression of the team work, and improve the work happiness index of the platform, HELILAI specially planned this "celebration National Day, ying Mid-Autumn festival" double festival activities.

    "The ninth team show of the HELILAI" started at 6:50 PM on August 29. The staff of the office and the production staff all responded positively to the call.  We used the time off to rehearse the show, and in just a few days, we were presented with such a wonderful performance, and we were pleasantly surprised by our high efficiency and high execution. 

The Grey Wolf Team bring a wonderful song, "ode to the motherland." 

The Victory Team brings the square dance "queen's road east" 

"The national anthem" brought by the Nunchakus Team 

The Flying Team brings the dance "heart of gratitude" 

"Social shaking" of the Fine Team 

The Winning Team brought the dance "sister to the river" 

Consistent action team brings together "no difference" 

The Wise Team brings the dance of the faithful to the country. 

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