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HELILAI Brand Together With Central Enterprises - China's Electronic Brand Products To Create A Series Of Fine Series Of LED Display Products In Full Upgrade Put Into Operation!
Sep 04, 2017

   HELILAI brand boutique series together with "China's electronic brand products" to create indoor / external full color screen upgrade, hardware strength of the continuous improvement of the HELILAI create a series of brand quality products continue to excellence in the process, and in the LED lamp beads to take the Chinese electronic brand development crystal packaging, LED chip RGB for Taiwan full crystal yuan brand.



    Shenzhen HELILAI Technology Co., Ltd. to become China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. product strategic partners.

   China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. ("China Electronics") was established in May 1989, is the national key enterprise central management for electronic information technology products and services to provide the main business, is China's largest national comprehensive IT enterprise groups. At present, China Electronics has 23 second-class enterprises, holding 14 listed companies, the total number of 13 million people. In 2015, China Electronics realized operating income of 1.191 billion yuan, with total assets of 247.78 billion yuan, Ranked top three of top 100 electronic, for six consecutive years selected "Fortune" Fortune 500.

    From 2016 boutique series of HELILAI so far a series of continuous optimization and upgrading, has been in the industry to channel products to attract brand, after join the team of China electronics brand, we is about to achieve the profit to the brand in the high-end product positioning rapid prototyping, leading the channel wholesale brand speed occupation of the project market area.