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Full-color LED Screen Tiles Product Description
Nov 22, 2016

Full-color LED screen tiles, a tile can be used as an LED display. LED brick screen, using a high abrasion-resistant resin PC mask, it can not only beautify the dance floor standing units, the audience can be directly stampede LED brick screen, and free to dance on it. LED modules for the whole sealed design, IP65 degree of protection have been certified, but the design is very easy to install, modular design and rapid disassembly, allowing easier installation and maintenance easy, especially applied to the leasing industry to use, and then apply the product the complex software technology, can have extremely powerful use of functions, to achieve 360-degree image display, creating extraordinary excellence of the proposed landscape effect. LED floor tiles professional structural design, user-friendly design and adjustable brightness can be widely used in exhibition, stage, entertainment, square hall, the party scene, etc.

1, brick screen. Full-color LED display floor can easily withstand the weight of a car, people walking around, let alone

2, leasing screen. Full-color LED floor screen can switch at any time between the floor and rental display screen, just won the floor screen mask, it will suddenly become a rental display, adapt to the use of any leased premises.

3,3D screen. With the control system, no longer with any 3D playback device, only one key switch, you can instantly transform 3D screen, easy three-dimensional imaging