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Full Color LED Display Why So Popular?
Jul 29, 2016

1, large display market capacity

Currently on the market, there are a variety of display devices, LCD splicing screen, the projector also display modules. Because of the use of different occasions, so each occupy certain market areas. But with the expansion of the use of the occasion, joint problems LCD screen and its own shortcomings, such LED display have a more broad application prospects. Indoor LED display screen and a small pitch can be adapted to indoor close watch, and dust and waterproof outdoor module lightning protection and other advantages of the product itself, but also to adapt to the outdoor complex environment.

2, the overall development of the industry reached a level of scale

Chinese LED display industry's main products not only in the mainland has an absolute market, while in the global market also occupy a certain share, forming a stable export. With the overall product quality and reliability significantly improved, the mainland LED display applications in the enterprise outstanding major projects and key projects, the ability to compete in international markets, the implementation of large-scale display systems engineering to undertake such a significant increase.