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Full Color LED Display SMD Benefits And Advantages
Nov 22, 2016

First, compared to the product line, with a wide viewing angle outdoor surface mount, with a good light, good color mixing, a high contrast edge. Outdoor full color paste only has a wide viewing angle of 110 degrees in the horizontal direction, in the vertical direction also has a wide viewing angle of 110 degrees, so the suspension is in need of high-altitude outdoor display outdoor SMD that have a broader perspective to full color show better performance.

Second, compared to in-line LED, outdoor paste consistency better. Inline red, green and blue oval LED at different angles of three lighting consistency index is difficult to achieve, and outdoor table attached to be able to do at different angles of red, green, and blue brightness matching consistency height agreement to ensure that the outdoor full color SMD LED display brightness consistency at any angle, to achieve better color realism.