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Full Color LED Display Frequently Trip How To Solve?
Jul 29, 2016

Because full-color LED display installation site has the particularity, such as wiring errors, line breakage, leakage protection switch inside the damaged part of the electrical appliances without switch boxes and other reasons, as well as leakage protection itself inevitable malfunction and refuse to move, plus there is no electricity in accordance with the actual situation of the leakage protection are arranged, resulting in a total leakage protection trips frequently.

In this case in addition to strengthening the management, but also from a technical point of view, according to the actual situation to a reasonable arrangement leakage protection. The total leakage protection on the power supply line, can be used as the main protection to prevent total electrical fire hazards and electrical short circuits, also offering backup protection for each small leakage protection scope of its rated residual operating current in the 200 ~ 500mA selectin, rated residual operating time of optional 0.2 ~ 0.3s. This can greatly reduce the impact of the surge voltage, surge current, electromagnetic interference on the total leakage protection, improve the overall operation of the selective leakage protection and reliability. If you make two leakage protection leakage within the scope of protection in each of the effective protection of the state, it can greatly reduce the chances of frequent tripping total leakage protection of the site.

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