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Full-color LED Display Cooling Method
Nov 22, 2016

1, cooling fan, the lamp envelope to strengthen the internal cooling fan with long life and efficient, this method is more commonly used method of low cost, good effect.

2, the use of aluminum fins, which is the most common heat sinks, aluminum fins as part of the housing to increase the cooling area.

3, the air fluid dynamics, the use of the lamp envelope shape, create a convection air, which is the lowest cost method to enhance heat dissipation.

4, surface radiation heat treatment, light shell surface radiation heat treatment done, relatively simple applicator is heat radiation paint, radiant heat mode can be removed from the surface of the lamp envelope.

5, thermal pipe cooling using a heat exchanger tube technology, the heat generated by the LED display chip lead into the housing fins.

6, thermal plastic case, at the time of injection molding plastic shell filled with a thermally conductive material suppliers, so as to increase the plastic shell thermal conductivity, thermal capacity