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Eatures Wireless LED Display And Controlled Manner
Nov 22, 2016

A real-time publish information: wireless LED display at any time to receive information at the information center.

Second, without distance limitations: wireless LED display across the country can use, as long as the local wireless network signal coverage can be used, not limited by distance and location.

Third, a variety of information dissemination methods: Depending on the selected communications network, you can choose different ways to update information transmitting wireless LED display information, and blasts, the group made, single-point message. Such as: computer-related sites on the Internet by sending specific information sent by the computer module sends ordinary mobile phones to send and so on.

Fourth, the wealth of information display: it can be customized for each information display mode and residence time, can be arranged any display, very flexible.

Fifth, a variety of encryption methods: as may be necessary to set and check code added to the identification code when the message is sent or received only special numbers according to the user. Ensure information security.

Sixth, support a variety of special effects functions