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Conduct Fire Safety Exercises
Nov 20, 2017

Fire experts on the stage fire-related know

    The whole fire brigade by Yutang Fire Brigade dignified fire experts on the stage presided over the industrial park to explain to employees how to avoid fire, fire in the event of how to escape and fire emergency precautions related knowledge and explain how to identify, use Dry powder fire extinguishers.

    Everyone in an orderly manner to enter the fire escape safety simulation simulation tents experience the entire process.

     Wait in line for fire drill training

     Use a dry powder fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire

     Through this fire training seminar, the employees learned more about the methods of escape and self-rescue and the use of fire-extinguishing equipment to further enhance employees' awareness of fire safety and enhance staff's ability to deal with fire emergency and actual combat capability. Security firewall!