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Analysis Of Future Development Trend Of LED Display Modules
Oct 26, 2017

Analysis of Future Development Trend of LED Display Modules
In recent years, LED Display Modules industry in China's development can be said to be leaps and bounds, both from the technical innovation or product innovation have made great progress, with the LED Display Modules applications gradually expanded, combined with the current development , You can see the future development of LED Display Modules features and trends.
First, LED Display Modules exports gradually become the scale: China's LED Display Modules industry's main products not only in the country occupies an absolute market, while in the global market also occupy a certain share, forming a stable export in the international market competition, large-scale display System engineering to undertake the implementation of the ability to significantly improve.
Second, LED industry upstream and downstream to achieve positive interaction: based on LED chip materials, driver IC, control and other technology development, LED industry chain between the upstream and downstream to achieve positive interaction, new products, new technology to promote the rapid application of many enterprises in the industry LED integrated applications, semiconductor lighting, lighting lighting engineering and other aspects of the formation of a certain technical basis and production engineering foundation. In the traditional LED large screen display technology and products on the basis of full-color LED Display Modules products in the industry market share increased year by year.
Third, LED display industry development was standardized, intensive Features: LED Display Modules industry associations over the years to actively promote the product development of standardized and intensive development of the characteristics of standardization, standardization led the LED Display Modules to enhance the level of industrialization The
Fourth, LED Display Modules industry continues to improve and rationalize the pattern: the industry's specialized division of labor is becoming increasingly evident, LED Display Modules application of the industrial chain prototype is basically formed for the industry has laid a good foundation for upgrading. In the competition at the same time, professional production, technology development, engineering services and other aspects of the division of labor in the industry have reflected, segment the market and highlight the core competitiveness, as many new business concerns.
The above is the future development of LED Display Modules four major trends.
With the continuous development of the economy, LED Display Modules in our lives in the field of application is more and more wide. In the first door advertising, building advertising, exhibitions, radio and television, sports venues and other places can see their shadow. When the night falls, the lanterns, LED Display Modules to our lives in the city covered with a layer of beautiful coat, beautiful!
LED Display Modules is an electronic product, after a period of time or in the event of failure, is the need to monitor the screen to do maintenance, maintenance work. Then the LED Display Modules maintenance methods which, they have nothing different, you know?
First, the LED Display Modules maintenance methods are divided into the former maintenance and after maintenance of two, in understanding the difference between these two maintenance methods, we must first clear that the choice of maintenance mode and LED Display Modules installation are inseparable. The LED Display Modules installation, mainly divided into: wall-mounted installation, mosaic installation, roof installation and column installation.
Second, the former maintenance: the former maintenance of the biggest feature is to save space, for indoor or mosaic installation of the structure, the space is extremely precious, so will not leave too much place as a maintenance channel. So the former maintenance can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED Display Modules structure, both well with the surrounding building environment integration, but also to ensure the results at the same time save space. However, this structure on the device's thermal function requirements are very high.
Third, after the maintenance: after the maintenance of the biggest advantage is convenient, suitable for large outdoor LED Display Modules and roof, wall-mounted, column type, check and maintain convenient and efficient. For those large-scale LED Display Modules installed in the building facade, it is easier for maintenance personnel to enter and operate from the rear.