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What Are The Advantages Of Using LED Rental Display Screen?
Jun 09, 2017

What are the advantages of using LED Rental Display Screen?
Now we can see in some major events LED Rental Display Screen of the figure, such as stage performances, a variety of press conferences, exhibitions, lecture halls and auto show and other places, this is because the popular LED Rental Display Screen itself has a variety of advantages, It not only play video, audio and other documents, and will be illustrated by way of illustration, to achieve the purpose of advertising. It is precisely because of this, but it is more suitable for large-scale leasing and fixed use of the installation site, then what LED Rental Display Screen specific advantages?
1. Environmental protection and energy saving, long life
Compared to traditional lighting and lighting, power several times lower, while the LED Rental Display Screen has a very good visual effects. Long life, even if the daily operation, its life can reach several years. LED Rental Display Screen light weight and thin structure, with lifting and quick installation function, in line with the requirements of the installation of the rapid installation and removal requirements
2. Wide range of applications
LED Rental Display Screen because of the pure color, light and other characteristics, and is widely used in a variety of activities, performances, lectures, etc., in addition, whether it is outdoor or indoor compatible, innovative design, whether it is lifting or stacking can Satisfy.
3. safe and reliable
Using low voltage DC voltage supply voltage, the elderly, children, pregnant women are safe. In addition, the professional LED Rental Display Screen application of aluminum floor instead of the traditional plastic shell, not only the formation, but also improve the cooling performance, and waterproof effect, even if the outdoor does not affect the watch.
4. Reduce cost output
LED Rental Display Screen box light weight, in the transport can reduce the cost of output, low energy consumption, so you can save operating costs and reduce labor costs.
Because the LED Rental Display Screen has the above significant advantages, so we can use it in all public places. However, there are now on the market there are many styles of LED Rental Display Screen, the general rental companies will recommend tenants to choose the quality of quality leasing to extend the life of LED Rental Display Screen. Leasing in the rental rental display, the tenants should be based on the actual needs of the lease, in order to achieve their own purposes.