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P5 Outdoor LED Display Module Lowest Price

    This ultra wide viewing angle display, a larger viewing area, any angle pictures are clear; B: the reliability design technology of various scanning technology and module, higher reliability and stability; It is easy to operate: universal video player software, which makes the system easy to operate; with asynchronous compatible, even failure of computer control, it can work normally; * content diversity: display variety (text, graphics, 3D, 2D animation, television screen), and support a variety of formats, support a lot of foreign signal access, can realize live; It is composed of three primary colors: colors (red, green and blue) display unit composed of a box body, the electronic screen display of rich color, high saturation, high resolution, high frequency dynamic image display; * power failure: the use of less efficiency and to P10 outdoor LED display screen of switching power supply is improved greatly, reduce the power failure rate; * consistent color: automatic glue machine, improve the smoothness of the module