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P3 LED Module Indoor Full Color Nationstar LED

    1)Super slim,super light,easy to carry,to transport. Cabinet size:480mm*480mm*50mm(P3,P4,P5) 576mm*576mm*50mm(P6) Cabinet weight:8kg/10kg 2)Die-casting Aluminum: very stable, no deformation. 3)Flatness: forming mold in one time, accurate to 0.2mm. 4)No noise: with fanless power supply, it's completely quiet. 5)Fast installation: only one man can install 50 cabinets by hand within an hour 6)High definition:111,111dots/sqm(P3) Our company, HELILAI, is one of the best p3 indoor smd full color led display modules manufacturers and suppliers in China, which offers customers newest and high-quality p3 indoor smd full color led display modules wholesale service at a low price. Should you be interested in our products, please contact our factory.