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Stadium LED display application solutions
Jan 16, 2019



The cabinet is designed with unique tilt angle. Our stadium screen can adjust the tilt angle of the cabinet (75°~90°) according to different requirements, so that all the audience can see the content.

·The stadium screen uses a soft mask and a soft covering on the upper part to protect the led light without causing obvious damage due to the impact of the athlete.

·Using an efficient optical fiber transmission system, the signal transmission delay caused by the long transmission distance on the football field is effectively reduced, and the screen playback consistency is ensured.

· With dual network cable hot backup function, two computers control one screen at the same time. When one computer has a problem, the other computer automatically takes over to ensure the normal operation of the display.

· Waterproof effect, with IP65 protection level, so that the display can continue working for you in rainy weather.