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Outdoor full color led display to become the darling of the real estate industry
Sep 04, 2017

   China's real estate market is developing rapidly, leveraging economic levers at the same time, but also for many related industries has brought great opportunities for development, led display manufacturing industry is one example.

    Why outdoor full color LED display will become the new darling of the real estate industry?

    In the outdoor user real estate promotion, LED display is getting more and more widely used. Thanks to its self-luminous, thin and other features, outdoor LED display due to high brightness, which can meet the outdoor sunshine conditions under long-distance viewing needs. Its excellent color performance for outdoor real estate information released by color. The dynamic picture of the publicity effect far better than the traditional static print ads. Not only that, in fact, in order to meet the needs of outdoor applications in a wide range of applications, LED display manufacturers are also making a corresponding technical adjustments. Such as the use of high rain-resistant products used in rainy areas to meet the wind-prone areas of the use of ventilation-type display, to meet the outdoor distance to watch the small spacing screen.


    Outdoor LED display excellent display for the real estate business to provide a new means of publicity to help real estate sales, as the real estate industry to promote the new darling. In recent years, the real estate industry outdoor advertising to maintain sustained growth, which for outdoor LED display industry has also created a huge opportunity. HELILAI is one of the many LED screen enterprises, excellent products coupled with the high cost of the price, as many customers preferred, outdoor full color LED screen, to find HELILAI.

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