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LED display status gradually rise! Four values help future development
Sep 19, 2017

  1. The core business district casting unique space value

        Outdoor led display media are mostly located in the core city of landmark part-time, the central business district, traffic arteries, and more crowded places. With the development of urbanization process, these places have become the mainstream of the city engaged in business activities, leisure and entertainment shopping and shopping in the main place, so its scarcity, the core and other characteristics, has become a marketing value and quality of the media form. According to the survey found that the outdoor led display media average weekly rate of 61.8%, the average weekly business district to reach the frequency of 3.8 times, the average monthly rate of 79.3%, 30% of the audience take the initiative to focus on outdoor display display media, the audience average Single eyes stay for 15.1 seconds. Led display with a relatively stable, repeated contact with the audience, which is conducive to the leadership of the display media information and effective transmission and understanding.

    2. High arrival rate, effective coverage of the audience

        Led display with its large screen area, eye-catching, visual impact, wide viewing range and color dazzling and other characteristics, with good line of sight and ultra-clear picture, coupled with the unique advantages of space, making led display media to attract urban people The eyeball. Outdoor led display can effectively enhance the audience awareness and attitude of the brand, for outdoor media, the respondents are more inclined to think that outdoor led display advertising on the brand is a strong brand and the industry's leading brands. At the same time led display ads for the promotion of brand and product impression is also very helpful, 76.1% of the audience certainly outdoor led display ads on the brand and product impression to enhance the greater impact. Product advertising efforts and the resulting good brand image, for consumers to buy will have a pivotal role. Exposure to outdoor led display ads, the audience behavior by advertising, resulting in follow-up behavior intention, of which nearly 20% of the Internet will actively search for relevant information, 6.7% will be directly into the shop consultation, 24.7% will try to buy the product, as well as 37.3% will be passed to others or take the initiative to discuss the relevant product information, the formation of secondary transmission.

    4. The audience high-end, marketing value is obvious

        In recent years, outdoor LED media operators continue to emerge, but at the same time we also see that the outdoor led display media operators are mixed, and in order to maintain the daily operation of the media, regardless of advertising quality and content, the media image has a negative impact; therefore, in order to further realize the media differentiation and the healthy development of the industry, establish a good brand image of the media, and focus on long-term sustainable development and innovation is essential. Through the deep visit experts also confirmed this view: continuous innovation and improve the quality of the media is very important, some outdoor media has launched interactive screen and two-dimensional code scanning and other new technologies to attract consumers to participate in the process of brand communication, so as to enhance The value of media advertising integration.