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Interactive digital display experience to build the brand
Sep 19, 2017

    Almost no one can predict that the first generation of iPhone that will launch less than a decade ago will fundamentally change the way humans interact with electronic products. Today, smartphones have become the most popular consumer electronics devices, so touch interfaces have become the preferred and most familiar way for consumers to interact with their devices. With touch becoming the "standard" of many devices, it is touching the natural progress - to influence and enhance the experience with digital displays.

    Today's consumers, especially the younger generation, are not satisfied with passive consumer content. They require more active, dynamic experiences, expect interaction, creation and sharing. This desire to increase interactivity is a way to shape and connect with us, and to the digital signage industry. Customers can control and promote their interactions through touch functions to provide a more personalized experience, in turn, to consolidate a more meaningful and engaging experience. According to market research firm published in 2015 research, interactive display market is expected in the next five years the annual growth rate of 12% by 2020 will reach nearly 15 billion US dollars. With the digital signage market expected to be more than 22 billion by 2020, this means that interactive applications will dominate the market. Touch technology is the core of the experience of interacting with digital displays (and immersive); it does become a reformer of the field of game rules. 

    Digital signage allows relevant, customized content to deliver to a particular audience, which is already a major advance in traditional static signage messages. Interactive digital signage with touch technology takes a step further and puts customers in a more subjective position, further exploring the way they feel more relevant to their content. Each interaction is an opportunity for the firm to establish a customer relationship and ultimately helps the customer to deepen the relationship. In turn, more interactive experiences increase customer engagement and ultimately help companies to secure customer loyalty. Therefore, there is no doubt that interactive digital display has become a huge growth area, is the key difference between many organizations. The most obvious impact is in the retail sector, but digital signage is already commonplace in every vertical field, so the impact has become more and more obvious in every aspect of our daily life, whether it is shopping, eating out or traveling. 

    The key to successful interaction is to make it seamless and intuitive. Touch performance has become an important consideration, which needs to take into account the interactive digital signage. In addition to presenting relevant content, the performance of the device (especially reactivity, reliability and accuracy) ensures the best experience and increases customer interaction. Combining interaction with performance is a powerful consortium. 

    Software also plays an important role. Delivering engaging content helps to deepen customer relationships and increase or expand sales. The increased interactivity of digital display devices enriches customers and has a huge opportunity for organizations that deploy these solutions. Customer interaction can be recorded, measured and easily analyzed to collect and harvest large amounts of valuable data. Customer interaction can be recorded, measured and easily analyzed to collect and harvest large amounts of valuable data. Ultimately, a lot of information about customer demographics and buying behavior can be used to regulate the offering of products or marketing programs, as well as measure the return on investment.

    Customer engagement is a strong competitive advantage through a more interactive experience. Digital signage, and the use of advanced touch technology more interactive digital display, to help provide a better customer experience, promote customer loyalty, build brand, promote business success.

    Just as the emergence of smartphones with impressive speed and amazing impact has changed our world, interactive digital displays will revolutionize the customer experience. The future is touchable, is interactive, it is quite amazing.