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How to clean the LED display
Sep 13, 2017

   LED display before and after installation need to be cleaned, this is a very important part, can prevent the LED display in the course of action is not clear phenomenon, mosaic phenomenon and black screen when the color cast phenomenon. Display after a certain period of time there will be dust and other effects show the accumulation of debris, regular cleaning and maintenance of LED display, LED display can extend the life of LED display to improve the quality of use. So the LED display cleaning work either in front of the screen or installed in the screen, are particularly important.

  1.LED module when the semi-finished product cleaning

    In the LED module is only semi-finished products are not installed when the need to use a special wash plate water for cleaning, the LED module stained with some washing water and then brush brush to speed up the decomposition of rosin and flux off, Remove dust and impurities.

  2.LED electronic display after the installation of cleaning

    LED electronic display installation shows a period of time there will be dust and impurities accumulation, in order not to affect the display display, you need to use water or water with detergent like detergent on the surface of the LED display cleaning, Can be cleaned on the surface, and cleaning should be particularly careful not to get the water washed to the back of the LED module. If there is more knowledge of the display, please contact HELILAI.

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