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Commercial advertising LED display application
Jan 16, 2019


The high refresh rate and high gray level of the LED display make the LED display more realistic and meet the high visual quality requirements of commercial use.

· The advertising content on the LED advertising screen can be changed at any time, showing different advertisements for different customers around the clock.

· With dual network cable hot backup function, two computers control one screen at the same time. When one computer has a problem, the other computer automatically takes over to ensure the normal operation of the display.

· Adopting efficient optical fiber transmission system, which effectively reduces the signal delay caused by the long transmission distance and ensures the consistency of picture playback.

· All display information can be controlled by remote network control, and the screen information can be easily replaced with a mouse click to realize the clustering of advertisement display networks in cities and regions.

Support for network control, allowing you to control the display of several cities in one place and change the content you want to play at any time.

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